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Combo rewards

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In Icy Tower, you get a combo if you jump thwice or more in a row two or more floors each jump (there's also a time limit). After you finish a combo, you get a reward including graphics and sound effect.


Bonus points gained by making a combo = number of floors made in the combo squar ( = number of floors made in the combo * number of floors made in the combo)

Combo rewards

Name Height Graphics
Good!4-6 floorsClick to view
Sweet!7-14 floorsClick to view
Great!15-24 floorsClick to view
Super!25-34 floorsClick to view
Wow!35-49 floorsClick to view
Amazing!50-69 floorsClick to view
Extreme!70-99 floorsClick to view
Fantastic100-139 floorsClick to view
Splendid!140-199 floorsClick to view
No Way!200 and more floorsClick to view

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