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Icy Tower 1.5.2 in works

#56 | Tue 07.02.2012 (16:54) | John Beak | Icy Tower

In reaction to player community initiative regarding bugs in the current version of Icy Tower for PC, the game creators have announced work on an update in order to fix these problems. We will keep you informed about this update. If you know about any bugs in the current version, leave us a message in the forum and we will relay them to the game creators.

Free Lunch Design 2.0

#55 | Tue 07.02.2012 (16:43) | John Beak | Icy Tower

Free Lunch Design - creators of Icy Tower - has undergone a change. Now they are no longer under Muskedunder. There has been a merger and from it emerged a new subject with an old name: Free Lunch Design. In future, FLD will focus on their own small projects instead making games for clients. FLD have lanuched a new version of their website.

FLD logo

Icy Tower 2 in the making!

#54 | Mon 06.02.2012 (17:52) | John Beak | Icy Tower

Breaking news!

Johan Peitz has announced today that a new version of Icy Tower for PC is in the works!

You can also participate on its final apperance by sharing your vision in the FLD forum: http://www.freelunchdesign.com/smf/index.php?topic=28502 (note: the topic is in a section hidden for unregistered users and because registration has been disabled due to spam, post in our forum instead and we will try to relay your thoughts to the game authors)

[IM] AQUARIUS Tournament - results

#53 | Tue 31.01.2012 (11:52) | John Beak | Tournaments

The first tournament of 2012 has come to a conclusion and Czechs turned out to be the best in it . See yourself looking at the results table:

PosPlayerCountryRound 1 (Floor)Round 2 (Combo)Round 3 (NML)Round 4 (UNML)PointsIM points
1.John Beak1589 (1., 8)660 (2., 7)1066 (2., 7)280 (1., 8)3020
2.Boru1470 (2., 7)653 (3., 6)1202 (1., 8)276 (2., 7)2818
3.emul0974 (3., 6)682 (1., 8)620 (4., 5)263 (4., 5)2416
4.Peecy677 (5., 4)404 (5., 4)668 (3., 6)269 (3., 6)2014
5.TFO770 (4., 5)445 (4., 5)443 (5., 4)262 (5., 4)1813
6.Paulinho453 (6., 3)212 (6., 3)442 (6., 3)252 (7., 2)1112
7.musician418 (7., 2)207 (7., 2)419 (7., 2)236 (8., 1)711
8.Baswai402 (8., 1)128 (8., 1)361 (8., 1)257 (6., 3)610
-.Piero- (-., -)- (-., -)- (-., -)- (-., -)-0

[IM] AQUARIUS Tournament

#52 | Wed 18.01.2012 (19:10) | John Beak | Tournaments

Happy 2012 everypony!

It's time for the first tournament of the year. Peecy is organizing one called AQUARIUS in the FLD forum. Sign up until 22.01.2012. There will be four rounds - Floor, Combo, NML and UNML - each spanning two days.

More info about the tournament and sign-ups: [IM] AQUARIUS Tournament.

After a year break, the Individual Matchpoints (IM) system makes a return. IM is like a season of tournaments where players are awarded points for each tournament they participate in. The player with highest sum of points at the end of the year wins. Read more about IM on the Individual Matchpoints homepage.

Icy Tower 10th Anniversary Tournament prizes

#51 | Wed 28.12.2011 (02:59) | John Beak | Website, Icy Tower, Tournaments

Updates regarding prizes:

  • Jacob chose Harold the Bagboy.
  • John Beak decided to give up on his prize! The reasons cited were conflict of interest and already owning both a Harold t-shirt and a Harold Cap.
  • Therefore, Craven would inherit John's t-shirt, but instead he chose the Harold Cap.
  • And maxxx is lucky and receives what would be Craven's Harold Cap.

Harold Cap Harold the Bagboy

John Beak decided to give up on his prize in the special IcyTower.cz contest for the best Czech player in the Icy Tower 10th Anniversary Tournament.

The prize's value has been donated to charity fighting cancer in memory of John's grandma eee who passed away on 16.12.

Merry Xmas

#50 | Sun 25.12.2011 (14:45) | John Beak | Other

IcyTower.cz wishes you happy holidays!

Icy Tower 10th Anniversary

#49 | Wed 21.12.2011 (20:24) | John Beak | Icy Tower, Tournaments

Happy birthday, Icy Tower!

The Icy Tower 10th Anniversary Tournament has come to an end! Congrats to Jacob for winning! 2nd came John Beak, followed by Craven and maxxx.

Qualfying extended

#48 | Tue 29.11.2011 (17:48) | John Beak | Icy Tower, Tournaments

Qualifying phase of the Icy Tower 10th Anniversary Tournament extended until 02.12.

Even more prizes

#47 | Sat 26.11.2011 (04:39) | John Beak | Website, Icy Tower, Tournaments

IcyTower.cz announces a special competition during the Icy Tower 10th Anniversary Tournament!

Czech player who places best in this tournament gets the Harold Cap from the Free Lunch Design Store.

Harold Cap

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